VA H6-MK2 released

6 Band Hex Beam Antenna (Brochure) Developed and refined over a period of 2 years by Jan ZS1Z and Sybrand ZS1SJ Over 15 Voltaic Artisan hex beams sold with only raving reviews Details   Bands         – 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m and 6m            – 2 elements per band (1 driven and 1 reflector) All […]

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Construction of a 30 m and 40 m Broadband Hexbeam

The hexbeam antenna is a compact variant of a two-element yagi per band.  The G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam has proven to be the easiest to construct and some excellent “do it yourself” plans can be found online. I built my first six band multiband (6 m to 20 m) Broadband Hexbeam in December 2018.  This antenna […]

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